Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Mesmerizer 2011 of Netaji subhash engineering college

Netaji Subhash Engineering College(NSEC) from its inception has been playing a distinct role in the field of engineering education.The college was established in the year 1998. It is situated at Panchpota, Garia of Southern part of Kolkata, just 1 km away from Garia rail station in Sealdah South Division and also connected by the Eastern Metropolitan By-Pass. The courses offered by NSEC are approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and the college is affiliated to the West Bengal University of Technology.

In the month of February, 05 the college has got the prestigious accreditation from the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) for B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering , Electronics & Communication Engineering & Electrical Engineering.
In addition, The Netaji Subhash Engineering College has finally been selected for an educational grant from the World Bank in Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme(TEQIP) as one of few institutes in West Bengal.

NSEC also know for its FEST & CULTURAL Programs which happens once every year during March-April. It is know as MESMERIZER. NSEC is has created a trade mark of ROCK and POP Musical Display. It has organised concerts  along with good sponsors where big celebraties of bollywood music industry and international indian bands has performed.

The Cultural program is a mixture of rock and classical music. It all started in the year 2002 the first Fest of NSEC. That very year the first batch of BTech passed out from NSEC. That time the guest performers were Chandrabindoo,Nachiketa,Cactus and Bhoomi. After that its started to become big and big and after that celebraties who have performed for Netaji Subhash Engineering college are -- K.K,Neeraj Sreedhar,Kunal Gunjawala,International Band Euphoria, Bombay Vikings, Bangla bands like Lakkichhara,Cactus,Fossils,Eeshaan,Prithibi ,Chandrabindoo,Nachiketa,Bhoomi.
2002 - Cactus,Chandrabindoo,Bhoomi and Nachiketa
venue : NSEC,Kolkata, Crowds - Unknown
2003 - Unknown
venue : Unknown, Crowds - Unknown
2004 - Euphoria and Cactus
venue : Nazrul Manch,Kolkata, Crowd - 4500 approx
2005 - Bombay Vikings, Chandrobindoo and Fossils
venue : Nazrul Manch,Kolkata, Crowds : 4000 approx
2006 - Euphoria,Lakkhichhara,Prithibi and Eeshaan
venue : Nazrul Manch,Kolkata, Crowds : 4000 approx
2007 - Kunal Gunjawala,Fossils and Eeshaan
venue : Nazrul Manch,Kolkata, Crowds: 4800 approx
2008 - KK , Miles , Niskraman ,Guests-- JUNE MALIA,RANI MUKHERJEE,Dr. RAMADITTYA ROY
2009-Neeraj Sridhar,  Pota, Sahar, Lucid Interval
This year too NSEC on its 13th Birthday is organising its 9th Fest and Cultural program at NAZRUL MANCH,KOLKATA on 22nd & 23rd April 2011.
Approximate crowds: 5000


  1. nsec(MESMERIZER) rock the floooooorrreeeee of kolkata....

  2. we r all waiting for 22nd & 23rd.........

  3. can u give me just link of javed ali's tu hi haqeeqat video of this year's eve

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